Customize your favorite products

We are a global customization service to add your very own style to premium lifestyle products. Based in Frankfurt, Germany we are specialized in custom painting of bicycles, motorcycles, car parts, rims and more. You can be sure we will realize your custom project in the highest quality possible.

The concept was born out of our own professional experiences with successful mass customization businesses at the Global Sports Brand Nike and our own helmet customization service which has put a stamp on the world of customization experiences in a highly complex industry. Since 2015 helmade is revolutionizing the helmet industry by allowing helmet manufacturers to offer customized products to people around the globe. To us the future of products and services is custom. We are a team of fast living minds with true passion for design and individuality. We are obsessed about customization and we believe all companies and brands should have the possibility to add a customization service to their existing product lines. Therefore we are constantly investing in our teams and digital experiences, exciting new business models, production methods and inspiring concepts that drive the future of customization.