madeone Wall Clock Acrylic Glass Square Porcelain

incl. 19% VAT & excl. shipping 5 weeks

madeone Wall Clock Acrylic Glass Square Porcelain

incl. 19% VAT & shipping 5 weeks

madeone Clock

Timeless design

Our acrylic wall clocks are as diverse as the rooms in your home. Choose from different sizes, colors and countless design possibilities to create your own individual clock. The square acrylic wall clock can be chosen in two sizes.

madeone Clock

Splendid colors

Your design is printed directly onto the acrylic glass using a 6-color technology for a perfect color experience. Also, you can choose the clock hands in black or white to match your design.

madeone Clock

Quartz movement made in Germany

To ensure that your favorite wall clock stays with you for as long as possible, it is equipped with a "made in Germany" quartz movement and is made of sturdy acrylic glass. In addition, it is supplied with a battery and is therefore ready to go at its delivery.

madeone Clocks

For your home & office

Customize your madeone wall clock and create a unique piece of time for your home or office. This clock is as unique as you are. The quartz movement and aluminum hands are made of components that ensure a long lifetime of your favorite clock and an accurate time display.

Time isn't the main thing. It's the only thing.

Miles Davis
madone Cloks

Variety of design options

We can serve every taste: Whether square or a circle, wooden or glass, colorful or simple. We want to offer you the possibility of finding inspiration in our design options and getting creative yourself, so that you can customize the exact right clock for you.

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