When Walter Gropius founded the Bauhaus in 1919, the story began of a symbiosis of art and technology that continues to have a major influence in architecture and product design today. The twenties were about using the possibilities of industry for a functionally and aesthetically satisfying design. Marcel Breuer, who later founded a joint architectural practice with Gropius, took up this idea. As a pioneer of tubular steel furniture, he designed the first chairs and tables. Paul Cadovius followed in the sixties with the idea of the tube-node system, inspiring numerous designers. Based on this, Bosse developed a system of high-quality chrome tubes connected with an aesthetically closed knot, framing panels with modern wood and glass surfaces. Within this supporting tube furniture system, Bosse realizes reception desks, sideboards, tables, seating and lounge furniture, shelving, cabinets, conference systems, standing desks and media furniture as holistic, classic furnishing solutions. Consistently in your corporate design. For a clear identity. Welcome to the world of modul space. Design your individual Bosse furniture with madeone. All furniture is produced for you in Germany. This includes the high-quality painting of the metal surfaces in your desired colors.