The naming Beanbag goes back to the filling material with dried beans, which today is replaced by the filling with plastic beads. Originally, the beanbag was developed for an optimal adaptation of the body to the lying or sitting surface. Its developers took the feeling of lying in the snow as a model and tinkered for a long time with the ideal filling material. The beanbag experienced its heyday in the 1960s and 1970s, flared up again in the 1990s and today again inspires many fans of the special sitting culture. Even then, many forms of floor cushions were created. madeone beanbags are produced in drop form, which associates the thought of beans. People suffering from back problems appreciate the ergonomic use of the beanbag and do not want to miss it anymore. Breastfeeding mothers also enjoy the comfort of the beanbag and even use it for putting their babies down for a short time. It also radiates a relaxed comfort and is often used as part of a stylish interior design. The quality of a beanbag is decisive for the product experience. Our beanbags have high quality seams that make it impossible for the 200 liter filling to leak. The waterproof, insensitive material with a fabric weight of 336 g/m² consists of 100% polyester and can be cleaned very well. Our designs are sublimated into the material before processing.