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Regardless which bike brand or type, our team of designers and customization specialists will work on your custom motorcycle based on your individual design wishes. For this service please contact us via mail at and send us pictures of your existing or newly bought motorcycle parts plus your rough design idea. Then we'll get in touch with you and consult you on the options we have to add your very own style to your motorcycle. Based on our rich experiences working on multiple custom motorcycle projects, you can be sure we'll be able to bring to life your own custom motorcycle or parts of it in the highest quality possible. We're able to work onto already matte or glossy painted parts as well as raw metal or carbon surfaces.
Our team of custom painters is aiming for perfection in every custom motorcycle paintwork we realize in our space in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). We are about individual motorcycles of any kind. Custom motorcycle design shouldn't be something for a few. That's why we're on a mission to make custom motorcycle design more accessible for the many individual motorcycle enthusiasts out there.
What makes a custom madeone motorcycle paintwork so different from other painting options you can find, is the handmade process behind it. Each and every custom motorcycle part is handpainted. Painting motorcycles requires rich experiences in custom painting, high-quality lacquers/materials and unique handcrafting skills. madeone stands for custom design and true passion for handmade quality.


Our madeone Office and Production space is based in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). There you can find our design studio and our painting facilities. That's where the magic happens and where we think about the future of custom design. If you're nearby or get the chance to visit us in Frankfurt, we'd love to welcome you in our madeone Showroom & Store where we showcase custom products and consult you on color and design options.
madeone Painting GradientPAINTING Every detail is masked and applied by hand to reach a level of 100% accuracy.


If you are a motorcycle manufacturer, custom workshop, brand or corporate, we're experienced in bringing to life custom motorcycles paintworks as limited editions. Regardless if you're asking for one unique piece or a series of custom motorcycles or parts, we're the right partner to work on such a project, reliable and professional. As your customization specialist we're aligning on the base product to work with, the surface to work on, your design wishes and a guaranteed production timeline. You'll be profiting from our years of experience working as a customization partner for many companies. Just send us your request via mail at and we'll discuss the best possible options to realize your custom project.


Over years we have teamed up with many custom builders like Vengine from Berlin to realize a custom bike project. For the European motorcycle festival in Leonberg near Stuttgart we showed-up at the 1/8 mile starting line with a very special concept for a bike and helmet design. A dark design concept in bold neon noir style was born: helmade NOIR.

Inspired by movies like ‚Blade Runner‘ or ‚Ghost In The Shell‘ a race-track built Ducati 999S from the Berlin custom builder Vengine was completely reworked and together with a custom Bell Bullitt transformed into a cineastic highlight. The idea came from helmade’s DNA in motorsports. The expressive, two halfed eye port visor is a tribute to one of the first Formula 1 racing helmets from Bell, the Bell Star XF GP. The visor was individually manufactured out of full carbon and worked into the helmet paintwork. We have captured this highlight in a film concept which is quite unseen in the motorcycle scene. On an old factory area in Frankfurt we brought together what belongs together, the helmade NOIR and the matching Bell Bullitt. The film is telling the story of two opposed characters with one common goal, who are meeting in a dark mix of dream and reality. The asthetic of the film is strongly inspired by the colors and the retro future style of the neon noir genre.
 Here you can watch it on our YouTube channel: helmade NOIR Film
If you’re a brand which is supporting riders, influencers or teams, a custom motorcycle can make the difference. Based on our experiences in working with athletes from various categories we’re able to take over the communication with the athlete and agree on a design based on your corporate identity. Feel free to contact us via mail at and we’ll talk about your next custom motorcycle collaboration.


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